Meet the team

Meet the team

With backgrounds in technology, the car and finance industries this combined experience will help guide you on your e-scooter journey.

Each with a young family, we are passionate in finding ways to build a cleaner and safer world for future generations.  We believe that e-scooters have a part to play in making that happen.

Our own e-scooter journey began on a trip to Paris. These zippy, simple to use vehicles saved our feet, kept us above ground and out of public transport and traffic. This and the freedom e-scooters gave us meant we saw far more of the beautiful city that we could have ever done without them.

Even before our holiday ended we started talking about how we could bring e-scooters to the UK.  Since then we have extensively researched the e-scooter market and built relationships with our carefully selected suppliers in order to be able to bring you the the best e-scooter to suit your needs at the price point to suit your budget.

We look forward to helping you with your e-scooter journey

Richard, Marc & Lee