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8.5 x 2" Inner Tube for Dualtron Mini

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This 8.5 x 2 inner tube is designed to fit the Dualtron Mini Scooter 13 and 17.5 scooter. 

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Official Description
Having good, durable inner tubes are essential for electric scooters. As the only part of the scooter connecting you to the ground, having the right tyre for your frame, a good tread and enough air can be the difference between a safe and comfortable ride and less so. Providing good acceleration, control and importantly responsive braking, having the right tyre for your electric scooter – and your spare – is made easier with this 8.5x2inch stock road Inner tube. Designed for the Dualtron Mini

Additional Guidance
When installing new inner tubes be careful not to trap the inner tube in the split rim as this can damage the tube. 

Installation video