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Decent X7 Electric Scooter

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Decent X7 Electric Scooter

The X7’s non-slip handlebar design means you can remain comfortable riding the scooter for long periods without your hands slipping. The push lever throttle also makes accelerating quick and simple. Holding this lever down for 6 seconds also allows you to cruise at a fixed speed, making your ride even more convenient and easy. An LED screen at the centre of the handbar system also shows you a variety of info such as speed and remaining power.

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The X7 features a unique and extremely convenient battery design. Unlike most electric scooters available, the battery on the X7 is location in the neck of the scooter. This means that on your journey you can pull up and easily swap the battery for double the run time. This battery positioning also helps to prevent water damage should you get caught in the rain.


  • Max range – 25km - 15.5 miles
  • Charge time – 2-3 hours
  • Max rider weight – 100KG
  • Dimensions (Folded) – 1083 x 420 x 460 mm
  • Dimensions (unfolded) – 1083 x 420 x 1186 mm
  • Weight – 13KG
  • 350 W Motor
  • Tire size – 10inch
  • Max incline – 15 degrees

Electric scooters are currently not to be used on UK public roads, cycle lanes or footpaths. It is the customers complete responsibility to ensure that their E Scooter is used in accordance with all local and country laws. The customer when purchasing through Kudos Gear Limited accepts and assumes all risk and liability associated to the use of an E Scooter and/or any other products purchased from Kudos Gear Limited. The customer accepts full responsibility and waivers their rights to hold Kudos Gear Limited or its owners from any liability caused in association, directly or indirectly with their use.  Electric Scooters are not for the use of anyone under the age of 18.